INTERVIEW: NYNE releases new single 'I Think You're'

INTERVIEW: NYNE releases new single 'I Think You're'

Underground pop artist NYNE has had a pretty cool career trajectory. After building up a reputation on SoundCloud with her electro/urban tinged pop, she was approached by Sevn Thomas (Rihanna, Travis Scott) asking to use one of her productions as the vocal hook for his breakout single ‘Can’t Sleep Alone’. She then became the first Australian artist to release music on Drake’s production outfit OVO. Her first single ‘Bad Trip’ arrived in 2016, scoring over 1 million streams worldwide, and was followed by ‘Keeping Up’ and last year’s ‘Facts’. Today she releases the hypnotic, uber-cool ‘I Think You’re’ which was inspired in part by Judy Garland films. We recently caught with NYNE to find out more about her career and music

Your new single ‘I Think You’re’ is out today and you’ve said it was inspired by Judy Garland films. Can you talk us through that?
I was sick at the time with the flu, and the start of the hook came into my head. I knew I wanted to make a dance hall vibe. When I get really ill my go to films are anything with Julie Andrews or Judy Garland or unhealthy Gossip Girl binges! Judy Garland has a film called Strike Up The Band, and that title became the opening line of the first verse - but I also love that same line in the Sixpence None The Richer ‘Kiss Me’ song!

Do you have a favourite Judy Garland film?
It has to be The Wizard Of Oz,  it’s a classic but Meet Me in St Louis comes in at a close second.

What was the recording process for ‘I Think You’re’ like?
It was very quick, I was still sick at the time but it felt really good straight away. I recorded all my ideas and vocals and sent it off to a producer that I’d worked with before, Siyoni, and he took it to a new level.

You are heading out on tour with Mallrat, Basenji and Kota Banks in April – what can we all expect from your performances?
I think I’ll be finding my feet, I’m pretty comfortable within my own little recording bubble and how I do things, so the live aspect will be pretty new! It will obviously be nerve-racking but I’m looking forward to getting more confident as a performer. I’m really excited!

What artists are inspiring you at the moment?
I’m listening to a lot of an old Irish band called The Sundays, the first Avril Lavigne record, a bit of Third Eye Blind. Then on the complete opposite end I’m loving the new Billie Eilish ‘Bury a Friend’ track or will have Drake on repeat.

You have collaborated with some impressive artists over the last few years – who is on your dream list of people to work with?
Drake, Juice Wrld, Timbaland, Starrah - there’s so many great artists & producers I’d love to work with.

There has been a lot of debate about gender equality over the last year or so. What are your thoughts on gender equality and sexism in today’s music industry, and how female artists are portrayed in the media?
That’s a tough question. I think it’s just more important than ever to be yourself and comfortable in your own skin. Why are woman always put into boxes? Sexy? Tomboy? Edgy? Why can’t we just be as we are?

What’s up next for NYNE?
Lots of new music, and hopefully heaps of shows.

‘I Think You’re’ is available now across all platforms including Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.

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