Electronic Heartbreak

Words: Gavin Scott.  Image: Dustin Damron

  You know those couples who take forever to get together? Either he’s dating someone else or she is, but everyone knows they actually belong together. Finally, they both end up single at the same time.
  Electronica duo Pr0files experienced the musical equivalent of that situation. Instead of romantic entanglements, it was other musical projects that kept Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum apart until 2012, seven years after they first met.
  “We each had our own bands we were in, and we were both working in music, recording and producing other people,” Sternbaum explains.  Pardini adds: “It was like, ‘Oh, it’ll never happen,’ and then it did. It was perfect.”
  The pair met in 2005 in a Los Angeles recording studio. The details are hazy – there were drinks involved.  “We know who we met through and kind of how, because we had mutual friends that were in music – we just don’t remember specifically when,” Pardini explains.


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