INTERVIEW: Moreton releases new single 'See Yourself'

INTERVIEW: Moreton releases new single 'See Yourself'

Byron Bay 4-piece band Moreton released their debut EP Specimen, a collection of deep, emotional guitar based alt-rock, in 2016. Earlier this year they released their first new music in almost three years with the single ‘Circles’ and today they drop the track ‘See Yourself’, which sees lead singer Georgia Potter duetting with Irish singer James Vincent McMorrow. The powerful track retains the gritty minimalism Moreton have become known for, with the addition of ethereal, layered vocals and a hint of synthesiser bringing a tender, fragile vibe to the track. We recently caught up with Georgia to chat more about the new single and what we can look forward to from Moreton.

Hey Georgia, thanks for taking the time to chat to us. How’s life?
My pleasure, life is peachy at the minute!  Got those nice new release butterflies, and soaking up winter at the beach, taking walks in the sunshine and heaps of other cheesy idyllic things like that.

Your new single ‘See Yourself’ is out today, it’s a brilliant song. What was the inspiration behind the track?
Thank you! It’s inspired by losing your mind in front of your new love. Ha! Truly though, that first time you can’t help but show your flaws, your insecurities, your weaknesses.  In particular it’s about letting a loved one see your depression, which is something we so often try to hide from those closest to us.  It’s written in the moment of vulnerability afterwards, where you’re wondering how that person will react to this side of you.

How did the collaboration with James Vincent McMorrow come about?
We went on tour together in 2017 and all became mates on the road.  I was opening the shows each night with this song and had always thought it would make a lovely duet, since it is about an exchange between two people, so I just sent him a message and asked.  And he said yes!  After we recorded our parts, we sent it all over to Dublin and James recorded his vocals at his home studio.

What was the creative and recording process for the song like?
We made this record live in the studio, just like our first EP, which is always pretty magical. You’re all together in the one room, playing together, looking at each other just like rehearsal.  This song’s actually take one. We’d tested all the levels and had our first run through, and I remember we all just looked at each other at the end of it and started smiling and waited for the producer to come in through the headphones.  Matt Neighbour said something like, “well next song then I guess!”  We did a few safety takes just for good measure, but nothing beat take one.

Will there be a video for ‘See Yourself’?
Couldn’t spoil the surprise!

Is there a particular message of theme you like to get out there with Moreton’s music?
It’s a very cathartic project for me, there’s a lot personal reflection and exploration happening there, which I hope other people can relate to and seek solace in.  It’s true it’s where I explore the more difficult sides of myself, which is pretty different from my day-to-day jokester personality.  It’s been important for me to see that I can do something productive, even beautiful, with my blueness.

Beauty is a core value too, but it’s abstract to explain.  Those bittersweet feelings when you see a beautiful painting, a tender moment, when you are in awe of nature or humanity.  Those moments really speak to me and I look to capture them with words and sounds that are as beautiful as they are.

You were the inaugural winner of the Carol Lloyd Award, which celebrates young female singers from Queensland, in 2017. How has that impacted on your career and creativity in the years since?
It certainly is the reason I was able to make this record in the way that I did, in a beautiful studio surrounded by my talented mates.  Carol Lloyd was an absolute legend, I grew up watching her perform when I was a kid, so it’s been an honour to step out under her name with this band.

There has been so much talk in the last year or so about the treatment of women in the entertainment industry. What are your thoughts on gender equality and sexism in the music industry?
Goshhhhh I could write a novel.  The gender inequality and sexism I’ve dealt with personally has previously made me want to leave the industry. From inappropriate behaviour to ignorance and everything in between.  It’s been super exhausting. But I think we’re coming into a new age where the industry is stepping up and women are leading that change, and most encouragingly seeing space being made for women of colour and non-binary people.  That change needs to happen hand in hand, arm in arm with the women’s movement. 

Can we expect a new EP or full-length album from Moreton soon?
Yep, our second EP, titled The Dog Years, will be out later this year.

What else is planned for the rest of 2019?
Lots and lots of new music!

‘See Yourself’ is out now. You can download on iTunes or stream on Spotify.

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