INTERVIEW: Jackie Tech releases remix of latest single 'Temple'

INTERVIEW: Jackie Tech releases remix of latest single 'Temple'

Image: Gustav Arnetz

Since releasing her debut single ‘You Can Have It All’ in 2016, Sweden’s Jackie Tech has consistently proven to be one of the most talented singers on the Swedish music scene, releasing a remarkable collection of pure pop gems over the last two years. Last year saw fourth single ‘Temple’ enter the world and today a remix of the song featuring RDX has been released. We caught up with Jackie to find out more about the remix and everything else that has been happening in her life.

Hi Jackie! So good to chat to you again. You released the single ‘Temple’ late last year. What was the inspiration behind the song?
Hey Women in Pop! I’m stoked to give you the lowdown on ‘Temple.’ I wrote it in the beginning of spring, caught up in the energy that the changing of seasons always gives me. So I really wanted an upbeat track, and I was listening to a lot of Latin music at the time which sparked the melodies. It became this track about celebrating your body and putting yourself on a pedestal. Your mind and body is your temple, be it woman, man or non-binary, and with this song I wanted to chant about the confidence of asking for the same thing back as you give. If Samantha in Sex and the City was a song, this would be it!

Who did you work with on ’Temple’?
Me and my accomplice Middle Milk conspired for this one. I wrote the lyrics and melodies, and he went bananas with the production. We worked together with instrumentation and harmonies which is always a treat.

Today you have released a remix of the song featuring RDX – how did that come about?
Yes! I can’t wait for it to finally come out. We were looking into remixes and features for the track and RDX came our way. His voice and vibe felt right on the money for the soundscape of ‘Temple’, and his addition to the song sounded amazing right from the get-go, so it’s such a blessing to have him on the remix.

There were some beautiful images released with ‘Temple’ of you floating in the ocean in a blue coat and full makeup. What was that experience like –and how hard was it to stay afloat?!
Ha ha funny that you mention that! I was so mad at myself during the shoot, because it’s definitely one of those ideas which look stunning and serene in your head. But to get the shots in the water without ruining the make up was practically impossible. Since I came up with the idea, I only had myself to blame. I love the result though which made it all worth it. Gustav Arnetz, who shot the video and took the pictures, did an amazing job, and luckily you can’t hear all the cursing between the shots. 

Looking at your Instagram account, it looks like you attended the Swedish Grammys last week – how was that?
You caught that! Indeed I was and it was a blast. I’m such a music addict and I won’t lie, I tune into a lot of Swedish artists and songwriters. So it was amazing to attend the event which brings us all together and celebrate the highlights in each genre from 2018. The food was vegan and no dairy was served at the gala, which I really liked. It shows that the Swedish music industry wants to help bring awareness to climate change and what we can do to decrease CO2 emissions. The most memorable moment was when Avicii’s father accepted his honorary award, and gave a speech about his son which truly had the arena vibrating, you could almost feel Tim’s presence. 

What artists are you listening to at the moment?
Checking recent Spotify searches….! (laughs) I’m still knee deep in Robyn’s latest album Honey. I just find it so incredibly free and different. Instead of the usual song structures of verse, pre-chorus, refrain, verse 2, pre-chorus 2 then refrain again, she’s decided to build the tracks around strong melodies and hooks and just go with the energy of the production. It’s very refreshing and what gets me dancing right now. I’m also listening to Florence and Machine again because they’re coming to Sweden soon and I love love love Florence Welch. She’s got my favorite voice of this generation. 

Other artists that I spin a lot are Ina Wroldsen, both the music she’s written for herself and for others. Swedish singer Léon has also released some beautiful songs lately that I’ve been head over heels for.

What else can we expect from Jackie Tech in 2019?
I’ll be releasing some fresh new songs, no set date yet but I hope super-soon! In 2019 I will also premiere as a songwriter for other artists, which I’m really looking forward to. I write songs in a lot of different genres and not everything fits me, so it’s a real thrill to see those songs come to life in the hands of another artist. So I’m really looking forward to the rest of 2019, starting it off with the release of the ‘Temple’ remix, hope you guys enjoy it!

‘Temple’ is available now to download on iTunes or stream on Spotify

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