Madonna - Issue 1 Preview


How Do You Solve A Problem Like Madonna?

It was Madonna’s first major television appearance. After performing on stage, slinking and lip-syncing to her seminal hit ‘Holiday’, host Dick Clark posed the question, “What are your dreams? What’s left?”

She didn’t skip a beat. Six words from the lips of a young pop upstart, crucifix hanging from one ear and a defiant hand on her hip.

To viewers of American Bandstand, it probably seemed like little more than bravado from a feisty pop ingénue. Perhaps no one took her seriously, but Madonna most certainly did. This was more than just swagger; it was a manifesto. The moment shows Madonna, all raw ambition and brazen self-belief, thrusting her conviction in the face of the public, like a virgin for the very first time. It would not be the last.

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