Sigrid - Star On The Rise, Feet On The Ground

Image: Courtesy Universal Music

Image: Courtesy Universal Music

Breakthrough Norwegian singer Sigrid delivers smart, spirited songs inside a breezy pop package that is proving irresistible to the world. She’s talented, yes, but humble too – and it’s a winning combination.

WORDS. Jo Stewart

Sigrid really wants to get a cat. With a recording contract, hit debut single, high-profile award win and string of global performances under her belt, all the diminutive Norwegian pop artist wants right now is a furry feline to cuddle up to, just like she does in the video for her hit song ‘Plot Twist’. “I really want a cat but I can’t have one right now because I don’t have time for it,” she says with a sigh. Such is life for a globetrotting musician whose nomadic lifestyle isn’t compatible with the more mundane aspects of life. For Sigrid, pet ownership will have to wait.

As this down-to-earth admission might indicate, Sigrid is disarmingly friendly and unaffected for a twenty-one-year-old pop artist with worldwide fame. She can command an audience with her powerful vocals and a bold onstage persona that hints at wisdom well beyond her years, but she can also sip tea in a quiet booth of Melbourne’s Corner Hotel, chatting easily about the overwhelming joy she felt when she first saw Coldplay perform live and how she’s desperate to visit Japan’s ski slopes. In a few hours she will leap onto the stage at the Corner Hotel before a noisily appreciative crowd, but right now her authentic, easygoing nature is genuinely refreshing, especially when it belongs to someone who has performed on stage at Glastonbury, sung at the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, appeared on The Graham Norton Show and won the BBC Music Sound of 2018 award, previously bestowed upon the likes of Sam Smith, Jessie J and Adele.

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