The Rise & Rise Of Alice D

Born to pop royalty and pursued by talent show producers, Alice D could have taken the easy path to success.  Instead she chose authenticity and her determination, coupled with a remarkable voice, has produced a pop star of the finest order.

In a music world of instant fame through talent shows, it is almost unusual to see a singer dedicate themselves to improving their craft over a number of years.  Alice D (born Alice Dallin-Walker) is one singer smart enough to do the latter.  Starting out recording in a friend’s bedroom, she progressed to impressive featured vocalist appearances on dance, house and R&B tracks, then onto collaborations with cutting-edge producers, and is now proving she has the talent to go all the way - on her own terms.

Although Dallin-Walker comes with a formidable pop pedigree – she is the daughter of Bananarama vocalist & songwriter Sara Dallin and singer-songwriter & dancer Bassey Walker – her musical achievements are entirely her own, even if she did valiantly attempt to fight the perhaps inevitable career path for a while. “I actually studied the history of art at university – nothing to do with music,” she laughs. “I just love art, but music is my number one priority now.”

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Words: Paul Mitchell

Image: Penelope Campbell