Adele - Issue 1 Preview


Queen Of Broken Hearts

   Even with armfuls of international music awards, a Golden Globe, an Oscar, millions of fans and sold-out tours to her credit, Adele still thinks she’s going to wake up and find out it’s all been an elaborate hidden camera hoax. “I swear to god I laugh at every big thing that happens in my career,” the UK singing superstar told Vanity Fair’s Lisa Robinson last year. “I laugh out loud because I think it’s fuckin’ ridiculous. At some point, the director of The Truman Show is going to come and say ‘this is a sequel’.”
   It’s that complete lack of pretension and ego that has seen Adele shatter the traditional female pop star mould and attract fans from all walks of life.  Sure, most of those who adore her are women – a recent Nielsen study showed 62% of Adele fans are women aged between 25 and 44 – but they’re from the widest of demographics; teens think she’s cool, young women admire her brashness and sense of fun and more mature ladies love that she “gets” them and what they’ve been through.
    Perhaps her biggest sales come from the often neglected ‘mum’ demographic. Marketing author Maria Bailey says Adele caters to that market because “as a mum, you become a functionary, as opposed to a visionary. Thus, you're nostalgic for what could've been. And Adele sings like a middle-aged woman – her lyrics are the soul of nostalgia.”

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